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YOUR sovereignty is in peril!


Sovereignty. You don't hear much about that word these days. It's the authority of a nation to govern itself. Is our nation's sovereignty important to you? It should be, because the sovereignty of the United States of America is in grave danger! Unless you ACT, expect to see America as a sovereign Constitutional Republic disappear before your very eyes!

The land we love is in such peril that immediate action is needed! Yet few political organizations are concerned about our sovereignty. They're focused on various symptoms of the cancer that has manastasized throughout not only our nation's politics, ethics and culture. The name of that disease is godless liberalism. And the cure to healing America and preserving our endangered sogereignty is tried-and-true conservativism!

American Sovereignty Political Action Committee (PAC) is focused on the big picture: how Barack Obama and his henchmen are determined to destroy the U.S. in order to pick up the pieces and form a Marxist state! We see how all of his regime's scandals and deceptions fit like jigsaw pieces into the puzzle that baffles the Republican Party and other political and Christian organizations. Most leaders are already duped, rushing from one outrage to another, getting little or nothing done.

But NOT Rep. Ted Cruz (R-TX)! This fearless conservative boldly speaks the truth, unafraid of repercussions or Obama's intimidation or GOP coercion! This website will keep you updated on his valiant fight against Obama's attempt to overthrow our Constitutional government! What's more American Sovereignty PAC will correct the lies and smears made against him from both sides of the aisle.


Make no mistake: If our country is to be saved, patriots like you must immediately emulate our brave Forefathers and "mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor"! Support American Sovereignty PAC to help this patriotic organization fight for what's rigtht while there still is time! Mark this website as a favorite! Sign up for our newsletter! Return here often to not only see how the battle goes but to lend a hand! And as the pieces of Obama's treason fall into place, remember this: You may be the courageous patriot to changes American history by protecting our endangered sovereignty!

Look about. Isn't it clear? Our great nation is under siege by a rogue administration and a heavily entrenched leftist cadre bent of stripping the United States of its most precious asset -- sovereignty. Through their corrupt agenda, we have seen the walls of our national security torn down, whether through refusal to shore our borders or in supporting our military and diplomatic personnel who live, fight and work in dangerous territories on our behalf. Through this agenda, we have seen our industrial complex eroded, regulated, and intentionally hamstrung in their efforts to explore, develop and produce cheaper and more efficient domestic energy sources. And finally, this agenda has foisted up the American people draconian and unscientific environmental myths whose goal is not protecting the environment but rather the crushing of the American free market.

The left and the administration have largely succeeded. But in the midst of their efforts that have awakened a sleeping giant. We are committed to fighting back on behalf of American sovereignty, freedom and security. Won't you help us? It's no exageration to say America's freedoms depend on YOU!

American Sovereignty PAC is a duly registered, Federal Election Commission authorized federal political committee. American Sovereignty PAC is embarking immediately in activism, recruitment, endorsement, and financial support of pro-freedom, pro-energy, pro-sovereignty candidates, and of elected officials who share our vision of a secure and sovereign America.

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